Friday, February 5, 2021

Common Ground...a work in progress

 I have dedicated myself through Billy's Quest to find real solutions to help our children as well as adults to not only learn to read, but to thoroughly question what we are reading or being told. The desire to help our children learn to read; coming from a 67-year-old man that reading skills are still suspect at best. I have committed myself to reading books on a wide range of topics daily hardcover, kindle and audiobooks sometimes using together to help me improve my own fluency and comprehension.

This leads me to "Common Ground" we all seem to think we have the answers to the problems we are facing today. Are you interested in seeing just how bad we have failed? I have new term for it "popsicle news" just pick your flavor, need more proof turn on the television and watch 10 minutes of mainstream media of say 2 maybe 3 of your choosing daily MSNBC ,CNN, ABC, NBC, CBS and FOX and you can add to the list PBS and many others on cable  "news agencies"  90% owned by 6 corporation because biased commentary, planting seeds of division among us and PROFITS are far more important than the news they provide that affects each of us daily. 

The first 100 days in office we are told a President gets more done there than any other time in office.

I realize this is a very complex issue. My suggestion is to start to correct the divide, because it seems to me there is no common ground. Until our children at lease start to learn both the good and bad of our history in America the hate and prejudice will continue. President Biden Why not appoint a diverse group of educators, parents, leaders of our communities, the least among us that know their own unique problems, to help tackle the "History of America" being taught in our schools. This in my humble opinion is where the division starts. Anyone ever read Lincoln's House Divided against itself, cannot stand speech while running for Congress? Will we as a nation continue to think only what is important to each of us individually where winner takes all? A great resource of information to understand what the 2008 meltdown did to our Country "The Con" . Those problems were not addressed and continue to  get worse; just finished "The ChickenShit Club" by Jesse Eisinger what a wealth of information. Want to understand how our legal system really works, where our courts don't prosecute or even held accountable for the damages the banks and corporations have done and continue to do to our country?

Common Ground will be a work in progress...more to come!

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